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(4th one in the group photo)

This dye is approved for external use.
3% in lipsticks and 0.75mg per daily dose in other ingested drugs (all by weight of the finished
product). Dentifrices, mouthwashes and externally applied Drugs and Cosmetics -- consistent
with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Strength: 91% pure dye.

The sample picture above has been bloomed in baking soda to show you the color of the dye.

This is a batch certified dye that is approved by the FDA for use in cosmetics made for resale in the USA. The FDA states that any use of a dye in a cosmetic product requires a batch certificate to ensure you are receiving unadulterated product. The proper paperwork will be provided to you for your records. The FDA rules apply to anyone selling handmade bath & body products to the public.

FD&C and D&C dyes are similar yet much different than the lake versions. Our dyes are straight dyes. They are very high strength and will require a much lighter hand when using them. Lakes are pre diluted and generally less than 18% dye (That’s a lot of filler material). Compare that to our dyes at 91-95% dye and you will see the difference.

Unicorns Pride has been certified to purchase batch certified dyes from the manufacturer and break the larger amounts down into smaller more reasonably priced portions for home and small business crafters. The FDA has strict rules on how and where dyes can be repackaged. These dyes have been repacked in an approved facility and under proper sanitary measures were taken to ensure you are receiving unadulterated dyes in compliance with the FDA requirements. You will receive a copy of all necessary documentation via email.

As with all colorants you will need to do your own color testing to achieve the colors you desire. There are many options and color charts available online to mix your own custom colors like pink, teal, green, purple etc. It is just a matter of choosing the right dyes and mixing in small amounts. Remember this is strong stuff and a little goes a long way so go easy until you get the hang of it. Keep notes when you are mixing colors so you can replicate them in the future so consistent products.

These dyes can be used in most bath products but you will need to check with the FDA for your personal usage needs.



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