Hippie Haven

Hippie Haven is the home of all our recycled products.   Unicorns Pride is huge on recycling, critter love and doing our part to extend the life of the Earth.  Humans  have become so wasteful and it is hard to watch the creatures of the Earth suffer because of it.  As humans in control of the Earth we have a responsibility to not only our species but to every other species that dwells here.   The Unicorns have created a line of products made from recycled, upcycled and scraps that would normally be tossed to the landfill.   We use every last drop of every item we use.   Even a 6 inch piece of thread or yarn.  Nothing goes to waste if it can be avoided.   We offer discounts to our customers when they return used wax, old crochet or knit items, old clothing etc...     If it can be used we will gladly accept it in trade for a discount on other products.   If you are interested in knowing more please drop us a line and we will happily fill you in on the hippie ways of the Unicorns!