Meet The Unicorns

Unicorns Pride is a family owned and operated company. We are located in south west Wisconsin and surrounded by the most beautiful farmlands around.

Our journey began in the early 1990's after our first little unicorn was born.   Her sensitivity to commercial products was a challenge on a daily basis so our search for natural products began.   A local soaper discovered our situation and turned us on to the beauty of handmade soap and it was love.   Our little unicorn was finally free of the sensitivity issues and we began creating our own line of products.

Our goal was to create products that even the most sensitive bodies could use without the worry of irritation.   After months of research we began creating and testing theories.   Some were successful and some were not so successful.   After years of continuous testing we finally perfected our products and turned a "hobby" into a business.  

Unicorns Pride is the home of many different products.  While we are proud of all our products, our "Hippie Haven" line is our most cherished line.  It was inspired by our little unicorns desires to keep things out of the trash.  We lovingly call our unicorns the "treehuggers" because they waste very little and never cease to amaze us with their ability to come up with a way to use just about everything.   All of the products in this line are recycled, upcycled or just plain rescued from spending eternity in a dump site. 

All of our products have been tested on friends and family as well as non biased faithful customers.  We never test on animals.

There is not much left to say other than we hope you enjoy your time on our site and we thank you for stopping by!